Other Work

In addition to my baseball work, I have experience ranging from being HUSTLER Magazine‘s online content coordinator and politics writer, to serving as PerezHilton.com’s weekend editor and site manager. I’ve also directed, edited, and produced several notable film projects, and worked on-air as a radio, TV & web host and panelist for entertainment, news, sports, and current event shows.

Here’s a documentary I produced and directed in June and July 2014 called Skid Row Tuesdays:

That film follows the story of Stephaune Wallace, a man who spends every Tuesday giving back and working in close quarters with the marginalized people of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, and yes, I spent two weeks on location shooting film in that area for the finished product.

Here’s a music video I directed for a song called “Poor John” by a Los Angeles-based band named BURKHART:

We’re currently working together on a mini-documentary, as well.

In 2013, I went to Turkey and made a few documentary/adventure travel pilots with my friend and very talented co-producer Matt Lewis (no, not the guy from Harry Potter, or the conservative political writer). We examined the role non-Western countries were playing in the political, religious, and cultural realms during and after the global recession.

Are We There Yet? is about four friends who travel the world, visiting the people and places rising to power. The sizzle reel (6:02) and the full documentary (39:02) are below:

Cagri Goes To America is about a zany Turkish college student obsessed with American culture who travels in a van from New York to Los Angeles, taking America by storm as the real-life version of Borat. Yes, Cagri actually exists just as you see him.

I also have several years experience as an on-air host, ranging from nearly 18 months working in talk radio (WALT and WBT in Charlotte, NC), to four years as an entertainment and sports host.

I’ve hosted dozens of web shows and series, and I’ve also done live TV hits ranging everywhere from WTVI and WBTV (Charlotte, NC), to WDIV (Detroit, MI), to the Weather Channel. Enjoy my relatively old host reel as I try to find the time to make an updated one: