In addition to the various forms of writing that I regularly produce, I also take pictures and video on location as I work, in part to provide readers a more acute understanding of minor leaguers not often seen in traditional scouting and reporting. Below are a few examples of my multimedia work pulled from a database of more than 25,000 pictures and hundreds of hours of video.


I took thousands and thousands of pictures during the summer of 2016 while tracking prospects and documenting games and baseball events. Here are just a few select highlights, pulled from both California League action as well as my time covering the Arizona Fall League.


In the 2016 regular season alone, I produced more than 300 high-quality minor league scouting videos for both public and private use, including nearly 200 on my personal YouTube channel and dozens more for media outlets like FanRag Sports and SB Nation. I shoot all these videos with a Canon DSLR rather than an iPhone or a hand-held camera, so the quality is professional and the picture is refreshingly stable and consistent—a nice surprise in the highly variable world of scouting video.

For all of my videos, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, where you’ll see many more like these below, broken down by organization, team, and playlist for ease of search and viewing.


In addition to the private photo database I’ve put together through my work, I also have a more highly stylized, filtered public version of baseball as seen through my camera lens on Instagram. If you’d like to see daily updates there, several are embedded below; for more, please follow my Instagram account.

If you would like more information about the pictures and videos you see here, or have any other inquiries about my photo and video work, please email me.