Hi, I’m Bobby

I like the Colorado Rockies, the Kardashians, King Of The Hill, and Mike & Ike’s.

Because I can’t make a career out of those (unless you know something I don’t), I also create stuff.

I’ve made a feature-length documentary on homeless people on Skid Row. It was an incredible project and I want to tell more stories of vulnerable people in Los Angeles.

Currently, I’m finishing a documentary on a seven-year old with leukemia, and another on aspiring actors in Los Angeles.

Once, I made a music video of a bluegrass song, for a rock band, on an electronic album. I was confused, too.

I host shows about the Kardahsians (I know, I know). Because everyone asks, Bruce is my favorite. I used to like Kourtney, but after the latest spin-off in the Hamptons where she, like, OMG, was totally hating on Lord Disick, I… um… ok, I’ll stop.

I’ve hosted political talk radio (super serious), game show pilots (super loony), variety shows (super improv), and sports debate shows (super… debate-y?). My first hosting gig was a health show in Charlotte, way back in 2010 for their PBS TV station. It’s been a journey.

I’m the assistant editor of PupleRow.com, where I cover the Colorado Rockies and Major League Baseball for their outlet under the SB Nation banner. I’ll share a bunch of my Purple Row pieces on this site for you to follow, if you so choose; you can see more of my baseball portfolio here. Also, If you’re a baseball fan, tweet me. We’ll be friends.

I write irreverent (and sometimes even funny!) political, entertainment, and pop culture content for HustlerMagazine.com. Yes, that HUSTLER Magazine. I also occasionally blog about random things that cross my mind.

When I first got to L.A., I took acting classes. That’s what you’re supposed to do, right? Actually, it provides me some cool opportunities, but I’m probably not the next Matt Damon. More like… Ben Affleck. Yeah, that’s the one.

As you can see, I have varied interests. Why limit myself?

Whether Kardashians or homeless, I love telling stories. Some stories are silly, and I have fun with them, because you can’t be serious all the time. But some stories are serious, and they deserve depth and respect. I bring that.

When I’m not doing all that, I’m on Venice Beach with my dog, Dakota. Or sleeping. Or watching the Kardashians. Because I can’t just give up on them now!

I’m a former college and pro baseball player from North Carolina (that is NASCAR country, and I do have a favorite driver). I graduated from Davidson College and the University of North Carolina.

You should contact me if you want to work together. Or to say hello. Or if you have Mike & Ike’s. Actually, don’t contact me unless you have Mike & Ike’s. Yeah, that’s it. I also have an entertainment resume, and a business resume. I’m totally for real, you guys. I’ve even got the business cards to prove it.

Working on the short film "Empty" in January 2014: Yuki Yohsimatsu (director), Cassidi Leigh Parker, Bobby DeMuro, Emily Lanelle, Yuki Naito (producer).

Working on the short film “Empty” in March 2014: Yuki Yohsimatsu (director), Cassidi Leigh Parker, Bobby DeMuro, Emily Lanelle, Yuki Naito (producer).

Hosting a show for AfterBuzz TV in June 2014, with producer Marisa Serafini, and panelists Anna Koppel and Jessie Owen.