Meet Bobby

Bobby DeMuro has years experience as a television and radio host, covering everything from travel and adventure documentaries, to entertainment, sports, and current events shows.

He’s also growing as an actor and exploring the theatrical side of on-camera work, with recent roles in independent feature and short films.

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Current Projects

Keep up to date with Bobby’s hosting and acting work, clips and links on productions he’s been involved with in the past, as well as information on distribution of recently finished products.

From TV hosting to feature films, check back often to see his growing resume as he continues to work on camera as a host and actor.

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Giving Back

In addition to his own work, Bobby is passionate about improving the lives of those around him, specifically in advocacy for organizations improving access to health opportunities for kids.

Here, keep up to date on his work with Project Fit America and other non-profit organizations in California and around the country.

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